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These flashlight gloves allow you to carry out any task in the dark

For many, working in the dark is inevitable — whether it be doing some handy work in the basement or trying to type a paper while your college roommate’s asleep, everyone does it.

To add a further level of comfort and security to this practice, the folks at ThxToms created a pair of LED Flashlight Gloves that are the perfect solution to those literal dark moments.

ThxToms LED Flashlight Gloves

Each side features a high-quality, bright LED light in the head of the index and thumb finger sleeves, making it seamless to light up any space your hands make direct or close contact with. Further ensuring these aren’t a buy-and-toss purchase, the battery can be replaced at any time, at your leisure.

ThxToms LED Flashlight Gloves Battery Replacement

These gloves are also made of lightweight, flexible material that makes them easily moldable to most hand sizes. The adjusted velcro detail also allows them to stretch to fit the smallest and largest of hands. This particular velcro design also ensures that they remain firmly in place on the hands throughout any kind of activity.

Boasting over 790 customer ratings, this product has been tested by everyday consumers, with several highlighting its convenience and functionality in their reviews.

“Fits well, bright as can be and thin so it isn’t bothersome. Very helpful for mechanics work,” one five-star reviewer wrote, with another simply dubbing it a “great invention.”

Explaining just what makes them special, another top-reviewer shared, “After struggling in dark areas at work, and trying head and neck lamps…these were the answer. Simple, lightweight design that is comfortable, and does not get in the way of your normal actions.”

The same reviewer added that the gloves put the light “where you need it” before revealing that they “worked so well” that “the whole crew wants them.”

A few reviewers have pointed out, however, that the “lights could be a bit brighter,” but, as one particular shopper explained, “They work well for their intended purpose.”

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