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Know The Steps Involved To Use DIY Flashlight Gloves

The flashlight gloves’ layout is a simple idea. It’s okay if you believe that wearing flashlight gloves while changing a tire in the middle of the night is simple and that adding rain to the problem won’t be a problem. The flashlight gloves should be able to tolerate some rain without issue because they are water resistant (but not waterproof), but you should avoid doing this to reduce any harm.

The LED Flashlight Gloves are in a single size that suits all hands. Considering that they are velcro-fastened and composed of spandex, almost everyone should be able to wear them tight.

If you have a cutting-edge flashlight glove, you won’t ever need to hold a flashlight again. Its simplicity—even a younger could accomplish it—is its best feature. No offence meant, but there’s nothing wrong with being a baby!

For this DIY, neither soldering nor glueing is necessary.

  • Supplies required:
  • A mitt
  • Scissors
  • Electrical conduit (I used copper wire)
  • Duck tape, maybe duck tape, duck tape, duck tape
  • A light source (preferably one with a button instead of a switch)

Step 1:

Disassemble the battery. Disassembling your flashlight is the first thing you should do. To accomplish this, unscrew the flashlight’s top and bottom, which house the battery compartment and light bulb, respectively.

Pulling the negative (black) and positive (red) wires from their connections will allow you to remove the flashlight’s head. Keep these cables intact because they’ll be operating later on. No worries, use your wire to replace them if you accidentally break them.

(If you’re having difficulties unscrewing a flashlight, go to the directions on the flashlight’s packaging. Connect the wires to your disassembled flashlight as I did, and it should still function. You will incorporate this pattern onto your glove.

Step 2:

  • You position your glove the wrong way.
  • Place a hold on the finger where the button should be.
  • Put the button’s spring end through this opening.
  • Pierce the glove with the wire that attaches to the button
  • Wherever you want your light to be, position the flashlight head there.
  • Use plenty of duct tape to secure everything.

Step 3:

The hardest part is this. Without cutting off your wires, flip your inside-out glove back in the opposite direction (inside in or outside out). I made a slice through the finger to make a point. If cutting the slit will help, do so (it does depend on the glove and the flashlight). When done, I also want to duct tape or sew (who sews?) the gap. Place a piece of tape over the battery chamber (I used the wrist). Connect the exposed wire to the battery pack’s positive terminal.

Step 4:

Enjoy yourself while wearing your cutting-edge flashlight glove. You won’t ever need to hold a flashlight!

All of your friends, coworkers, fathers, and your fathers’ fathers will be envious of you. You get the picture.

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